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Start Your Own Business

       Do You Dream of Having Your Own Business?

Here are three ways to start generating income for yourself.

As an Aniya Rayes White Label Member, 

an Aniya Rayes Area Franchise Manager or as a Wholesale Member

How Do I Get Started?

Go to the home page of www.aniyarayes.com, point your mouse to "Start Your Own Business" then select either "Become a White Label Member" or "Become an Area Franchise Manager"  If you would like to become a Wholesale Member, simply click on the link "Wholesale Membership" in the top menu of the home page.

Initial Cost
White Label Member:  $128.99 Breakdown: One time website set up fee: $99.00 + first month ongoing membership fee: $29.99

Area Franchise Manager:  $25 Then there is an ongoing franchise fee of $25/month.

Wholesale Member:  $19.99. Then there is an ongoing membership fee of $19.99/month - this is needed to purchase our wholesale priced hair from our site
Who Brands/Customizes My Website?

White Label Member:  We provide you with a generic website, patterned after www.aniyarayes.com that is fully loaded with the products found on www.aniyarayes.com.
You customize it with your brand logo, banners and your company name URL (web address). We will provide the information about how to edit your site.

Aniya Rayes Area Franchise Manager:  We set up your site to look just like www.aniyarayes.com, but we customize it with a logo and a URL (web address) representing your city

Wholesale Member:  This gives you permission to shop our low wholesale prices on our site. Then you can price them as you see fit for sale to your customers.

Where Do I Buy My Hair?
From Aniya Rayes at Wholesale Prices (www.aniyarayes.com)
Fully loaded, multi layered money making website
Monthly Membership Fee
White Label Member:  $29.99/month   Area Franchise Manager:  $25/month  Wholesale Member: $19.99/month
Loaded Products w/ Drop Down Menus
INCLUDED - All prices coincide with our price list.
Affiliate Program (YOU become Mayvenn)
INCLUDED with the White Label Membership
Membership Programs:
White Label Members: You have the option of creating memberships for discounts on your products (you can sell more than hair) or for discounts on your services, or packages of services

Area Franchise Managers:  Get paid $10.00 each month (50% of monthly wholesale memberships you sell) for every wholesale member you bring to the company for each month they remain a wholesale member
Get paid $10.00 each month (33% of the White Label Membership fee) for every white label member you bring to the company, for each month they remain a member.

Wholesale Members:  Needed to purchase hair on aniyarayes.com at our low wholesale prices. You may then price the hair as you see fit to sell to your customers.
INCLUDED - training may be provided via written documents, videos, or pre-scheduled one on one training through video conferencing
Friendly, Professional Customer Service

What's the difference between being a White Label Member and being an Area Franchise Manager? 

When you are a White Label Member, you are the business owner, you create and promote your brand you can sell hair as well as other products, you set your prices, you decide on your memberships and how to price them, you set your percentage to offer your affiliates. You keep 100% of your profit. You pay a $29.99/month White Label Membership fee.

When you are an Area Franchise Manager you become an extension of the Aniya Rayes White Label Company. You promote the Aniya Rayes brand. You make guaranteed income from sales of White Label Memberships and Wholesale Memberships. Your job will be to help stylists, entrepreneurs,and consumers in your local area to save money or start their own business selling hair extensions.  You pay a $25/month franchise fee.