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About Us

The Aniya Rayes Hair Extensions Warehouse is a Veteran Owned, Black Owned business created by Retired SSG Ray Dockery in 2009.  His vision was (and still is) to sell high quality hair at great prices and to help others create wealth for themselves. Over the years he has mentored and put money in the pockets of hundreds of hair distributors around the U.S. through his Affiliate Program.

After seven successful years in business, Ray decided to offer his business model to the public. He created the Aniya Rayes White Label Company so others could share in the joy and accomplishment of owning and running a business.

Most recently he has created  World Wide Aniya Rayes Hair Consultants by hand selecting qualifying members to represent the Aniya Rayes Brand throughout the U.S. and the world. To assure he can keep offering the lowest prices in the U.S. to his customers, Ray entered into a partnership with a well known, successful hair supplier in China. The Aniya Rayes brand is growing globally as a well respected company with high quality products at the lowest prices available.

Ray really means it when he says...No one can beat our prices in the U.S.....NO ONE!